What is nugget?

nugget is a new way to discover great products, powered by the amazing inventory and fulfillment of Amazon.

We love buying stuff on Amazon. They have fantastic customer service, super fast shipping through Amazon Prime, and often the lowest price, saving us time and stress over finding a great deal. However, Amazon works best when you already know what you want -- it’s perfect for picking up a new toothbrush or a best-selling new book, but it’s hard to discover new products, and it’s even harder to find great deals on those products.

nugget employs a team of curators who sort through Amazon’s massive catalog of products to pluck out the coolest, newest, highest-quality products at the best prices and make them easily accessible through the nugget app and nugget website.

How does nugget find new products?

Our curators, assisted by some of our own machine learning algorithms, use a combination of proprietary internal tools to sift through Amazon’s database and find awesome products. We optimize for a combination of price, quality, speed of delivery, and cool :)

Can I become a curator for nugget?

Sure! We accept applications atjobs@nuggetapp.co
Tell us a little bit about yourself and why you want to be a curator!

Who is behind nugget?

nugget was started in March 2017 by Tom Schmidt, a former Facebook and Instagram Product Manager. The team is based in San Francisco, CA.

Previous Press

"There are a number of great deals to be had on Amazon, but finding them across the retailer’s vast array of products is still a challenge. That’s where a new app called Nugget comes in. The app scours Amazon for higher-quality products at lower prices, and then curates them into categories you can browse from your phone."

"If you've ever gone through Amazon ... it can be so cumbersome. It would be great just to have an app that help you find some good deals"


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